Niagara Falls Cataracts Tournament
Auld Reid Tournament
    Niagara Falls Cataracts Hockey Tournament
Presented by: Cataracts Tournament Committee & ASHN
Niagara Falls, Ontario
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2019 Divisional Winners
April 01, 2019
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A.S.H.N. Div= Brussels Oldtimers Art Dobbin Div = YYZ Express
Breakaways Concessions Div= Galway Arms Clifton Hill Div = Elora Rockets
Doc Magilligans Pub Div= J.P. Towing Doug Aitchison Sr. Div = Sarnia Esso Oldtimers
Flying Saucer Div = Campbell's Old Soupies Front Row Sports Div = Markham Shenanigans
HangUps Div = Niagara Falls Breakers Hansports Div = Mount Forest Rams
Heart Niagara Div = St. George Old Lions Hockey Canada Div = York Cruisers
Johnny Rocco's Open Div = Team Doc Milligan's Junior Riverhawks Div = Newcastle Mobilize
Mick & Angelo's Open Div = Niagara Falls Phantoms Mike Verbeem Div= One 17 Marine
Ralph Biamonte Div = Mick & Angelo's Prehistorics Ron Sunstrum Div = Acton Stingers

A big "Thank You" to all teams that played in the 2019 Cataracts Tournament.

Have a great Summer and we hope you come back next year.

Your Cataracts Tournament Committee.