Niagara Falls Cataracts Tournament
    36th Niagara Falls Cataracts Hockey Tournament
Presented by: Cataracts Tournament Committee & ASHN
Niagara Falls, Ontario
March 26 - 29, 2020
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       June 16, 2019                  2020 Tournament Information & Details

          > Please read this page in full before you Submit your Application for the 2020 Tournament.

  • Insurance / Liability:
    All Cataracts Hockey Tournament games are governed by the Hockey Canada Rule Book and the Cataracts Tournament Rules. The Tournament Rules shall be included in Tournament packages sent to teams and are also available on the Tournament web site.
    The Cataracts Tournament assumes
    NO responsibility for any claims arising through operation of the Tournament.
    Note: The Cataracts Tournament does NOT provide Insurance for Teams or individual Players. That is to say players who participate in the Cataracts Tournament are not covered by any Insurance through the Tournament.  Personal Injury Insurance is the responsibility of the individual player. One place Insurance can be obtained is through Adult Safe Hockey.  Coverage obtained through this group usually provides coverage for 1 year for any sanctioned event that the insured player plays in.
  1. Key Dates:
    • October 01, 2019: Teams that participated in the 2019 Tournament are guaranteed a spot in the 2020 Tournament until Oct. 01.  The Tournament must have your Application & Entry Fee by this date.
    • December 15, 2019: Teams that participated in the 2019 Tournament will be told if they are Accepted or Not Accepted to play in the 2020 Tournament by this date.
    • January 10, 2020 NEW teams will be told if they are Accepted or Not Accepted to play in the 2020 Tournament by this date. Applications for teams NOT Accepted will be kept by the Tournament for use in case a team drops out.
    • February 01, 2020:  The full $880 entry fee OR a $440 deposit + a $440 final cheque must accompany your Application or be mailed immediately after submitting your Application online. The final $440 cheque can be post dated February 01, 2020.  A link to the Application Form can be found above.
      If you plan to pay via email money transfer the down payment or full entry fee payment must be transferred immediately to  ''  and when you do this, write your name and your team name in the comments section. If you just transfer a down payment the final e-transfer must be done by February 01, 2020.
    • February 01, 2020:  Final Team Rosters are due by this date so the Tournament can properly seed teams and to ensure your Roster gets added to the Tournament Program.
    • March 09, 2020:  The Schedule will be sent to teams and posted on this web site on this date.
  2. Number of Teams:
              80 Teams will be Accepted= their may be restrictions based Divisions, Age groups and Ice availability.
  3. Divisions:
    • Oldtimers Divisions for age groups 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+.
    • Recreational Divisions for age group 20+ 'A' (Competitive) and 20+ Recreational 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E' and 'F'
    • Great prizes are supplied by:  Hockey Canada,  ASHN  and  Molson's..

  4. Ice Time Scheduling Criteria:
    • Each Team is guaranteed 3 games.  Finals & Consolation games will be played on Sunday.
    • Every effort is made to optimise individual Team Schedules. With the exception of errors, the Schedule will NOT be altered once it has been issued on March 09.
    • NOTE: Having teams available to play their first game on Thursday night or early Friday helps eliminate late games on Friday and Saturday nights and also helps to keep all games in the city instead of some teams having to travel out of town for a game. Please do your best to help in this area when you Apply.
  5. Application Process:
    • Teams that participated in the 2019 Tournament are guaranteed a spot in the 2020 Tournament until Oct. 01, 2019 and must have their Application and Entry Fee to us by this date per 1. above.
    • Apply: You apply online by clicking on 'Application' above.
    • Roster: You submit your Roster online by clicking on 'Roster Forms' above.

    • Teams that are Accepted will be notified on the date specified in 1. above.
    • Teams NOT Accepted will be notified on the date specified in 1. above and asked if they want their Cheque(s) destroyed or returned to them.
      If a team paid by email money Transfer, refund will be done by the same method.

    • Teams NOT Accepted will have their Application retained by the Tournament in case teams drop out.
  6. Entry Fee Payment:
    Entry Fee must accompany your Application per 1. above.

    > The 2020 Entry Fee is $880 per team.

    > If paying by
    Cheque:  You can pay the total fee all at once or pay in two instalments per the following:
        1 Cheque for $880 should be dated the day you Submit your Application.
    2 Cheques for $440 1st should be dated the day you Submit your Application  2nd dated February 01, 2020.
    ALL cheques should be mailed within a few days after submitting your Application.

    > If paying by
    Email Money Transfer:  You can pay the total fee all at once or pay in two Transfers per the following:
        1 Transfer for $880 should be transferred within a few days after Submitting your Application.
    2 Transfers for $440 1st transferred immediately after you Submit your Application  2nd transferred by February 01, 2020.
            Do email transfers to & put Your Name and Team Name in the comments section.

    > Make cheques payable to '
    Niagara Falls Cataracts Adult Hockey Tournament
    ' and mail to:
    Cataracts Tournament
       6462 Caledonia St.
       Niagara Falls, Ontario
       L2G  5A3

  7. Hotel Accommodations:
    Special room rates will be available to teams playing in the Cataracts Tournament.
    To get these special rates, when you register at a Hotel you must tell the hotel that your team is playing in the Cataracts Hockey Tournament.

    Click on 'Hotels' above to see our sponsoring Hotels and their Tournament Rates.
    NOTE: We ask all teams planning to stay in the Falls during the Tournament to use one of our sponsoring Hotels. Each Hotel offers discounted rates to Tournament Teams and when you book rooms they donate to our Charities. All donations received from our Hotels are given directly to local charities.
    The list of Hotels does change a bit from year to year so be sure to look closely at our list as a hotel that your teams prefers may have opted out for 2020.